Covid 19 Policy


In line with current government advise, we assess that the risk of contracting and spreading the virus is vastly reduced if everyone practices social distance and practices sensible good hygiene.

  • Social distance to 2m where possible and /or uses face coverings where this is not possible.
  • Regular handwashing with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hand washing whenever moving from one area to another.
  • Carry tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and dispose of immediately after use. Then wash hands
  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes.
  • Do not shake hands, hug or kiss to greet guests.

Providing that you keep a 2m distance and no one directly coughs or sneezes on you  the primary risk of contracting or spreading the virus will come from surface transfer. Hygiene is very important.

Prior to check in

  • Message to all guests pointing them to online information regarding operations and actions around coronavirus
  • Review of available information and guidance through relevant trade bodies and websites

Check in

  • Hand sanitiser and signs at reception area; owners to sanitise shared areas and hand wash between guests
  • Check if guest address has been provided prior to check in, if not ensure address captured on single registration card; sanitise pens between use
  • Maintain social distancing
  • If assistance with luggage is needed, guest to leave luggage and step back; owner then to carry to room and leave; owner to wash hands immediately
  • Ensure all keys and key fobs are sanitised between occupation; place key in room and leave door unlocked; provide key drop box.


  • All cushions, throws, collateral, books and DVDs to be removed. They will be provided on request and sanitized/cleaned between guest use.
  • Signs and information in guest information folders and en-suites
  • Single use soap, shampoo and body wash to be provided.
  • No daily housekeeping; ask guests to place rubbish in bin and then put outside room for clearing. If guests requests room clean it must be undertaken when guest is not present and using suitable PPE.
  • Beverage tray items single use, topped up on request and any unused disposed of and replenished at changeovers
  • TV remote to be cleaned and sanitised and then sealed in plastic bag between each guest
  • Ask guests to put towels together in bag after use, leave bag outside room for changing if required during stay
  • Revised Housekeeping and Cleaning schedule in place

Breakfast food service

  • Online information about food service; information also provided before arrival and in guest folders
  • Breakfast service revised to offer either room service or pre booked time in Breakfast Room
  • Breakfast Room layout to be revised to enable social distancing; all other place settings to be removed; cutlery and napkins to be provided as needed
  • Disposable breakfast menus to be provided
  • Breakfast items to be served by owners from kitchen (buffet service removed for time being) in line with individual guest requirements
  • Condiments, jams, etc to be served in either single use sachets or in small single portions that can be disposed after use and containers washed
  • Hands to be washed between each service; relevant items disposed or washed after use.
  • If room service provided, owners to serve food on a tray, knock on room door, leave tray and step back; guests to be asked to place used items and tray back outside door for collection.
  • All used items to be either disposed of or placed straight in dishwasher following usual cleaning regime
  • Breakfast Room to be cleaned and sanitised after service complete
  • Tables and common surfaces to be sanitised between guest usage


  • Existing hygiene regime to be followed
  • Hands to be washed between each service; relevant items to be washed or disposed of after use
  • Kitchen to be sanitised after meal service and cleaning is complete

Public spaces

  • Revised hygiene and cleaning regimes in place
  • If guests require books, DVDs or local maps and guides, then facilitate this, but follow with cleaning and/or sanitisation of covers

Check out

  • Maintain social distance
  • Remove comment book and encourage online comments and reviews
  • Provide key drop box; all keys and fobs to be sanitised after departure
  • Encourage online payment from guests; alternatively ensure screen of payment device is sanitised, step well back while guest enters PIN, offer email receipt, sanitise screen after use
  • If assistance with luggage is needed, guest to leave luggage in or outside room; owner then to carry down to guests vehicle and leave; owner to wash hands immediately

Room changeover

  • Rooms to be cleaned on day of departure following revised Housekeeping and Cleaning schedule and will remain vacant for 24 hours.
  • Rooms to be fully aired with all windows open for as long as possible

In case of owner infection with Covid19

  • At first sign of potential infection business is to close; any bookings in following 14 days to be cancelled or moved to alternative local accommodation
  • Potentially infected owner is to self isolate; arrange for immediate testing; await result and follow relevant medical instructions

In case of guest infection with covid19

  • If guest presents with symptoms or declares need to self-isolate they should be advised to check out and return home in line with government guidance
  • Room to be cleaned in line with NHS and government guidance prior to subsequent use                                                    

Branstone Guest House Coronavirus Recovery Housekeeping and Cleaning Schedule       

The following checklist and sequence of cleaning should be followed in respect of the relevant areas or rooms indicated                                                        

This schedule is to be read in conjunction with existing cleaning schedule                                                                                                   

Bedroom Changeover                                                

  • Change out of service uniform into different set of clothes for cleaning.
  • Ensure that you are wearing appropriate PPE for the tasks to be completed, use diposable cloths and put immediately into waste when room cleaned
  • Avoid interruptions or disruptions – any enquiries from resident guests should be directed to available owner.
  • Once guest has departed, open windows to air room and allow 3 hours before starting cleaning.
  • Strip bedding and place with towels in laundry bag.
  • Remove for laundry.             
  • Check room for rubbish/used items; place in rubbish bin then remove to waste.
  • Clean en-suite paying special attention to touch points such as taps and shower controls; top up items and sanitiser; sanitise WC (including flush handle and seat).
  • Clean all room surfaces, then sanitise all touch items (including door handles; light switches, kettle handle and lid, hair dryer, radio and clock controls); check TV remote (sanitise or replace bag as necessary).
  • Sanitise guest folder.
  • Sanitise DVD covers and remove from room
  • Sanitise beverage tray items, and top up as necessary.
  • If you are happy room is thoroughly clean, place used cleaning cloths in container for laundry; remove and dispose of PPE; wash hands.
  • Make up bed(s) as necessary.
  • Hoover room.
  • Check all items are topped up, room is clean and sanitised; leave windows open for as long as possible.
  • Place ‘Room Cleaned’ signage on door.
  • Wash hands.

            Public Spaces 

  • Ensure you are wearing PPE relevant for the tasks being completed, and have all cleaning items you will require together.
  • Check space for rubbish/used items; place in rubbish bag and remove to waste.
  • Clean all surfaces, then sanitise all touch items (including door handles; light switches,hand rails pens, etc).Throw awway all disposable clothes immediately after cleaning area.
  • Throw away all disposable cloths immediately after cleaning area.
  • If you are happy space is thoroughly clean, remove and dispose of PPE or place to be washed                                    
  • Wash hands.